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Why do I need SQL Server performance tuning?

Faster transactions - improved performance - scalability.

  • As transaction time decreases, productivity increases.

  • More time for batch processing, larger window for maintenance, less downtime.

  • Your SQL Server will grow optimally as your business does and be able to take on increased load.

Immediate return on investment.

  • By combining our SQL Server expertise with the appropriate toolset, we're able to provide a significant Return on Investment.

  • Performance improvements are implemented while still utilizing and extending the capacity of the current hardware.

  • All performance improvements automatically create a more productive user environment.


Why do I need a disaster recovery plan SQL Server?

Less data loss

We help restore lost data and minimize lost transactions.

Reduced downtime

Experience faster recovery from SQL server failures.


Clear strategies

Proven processes provide prioritized recovery, and ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly communicated.


SLAs are in place, expectations will be established, and necessary components will be created and are available during recovery.


Why do I need help with a SQL Server upgrade?

Fewer mistakes
Our proven standardized project management methodology and documentation will save you time and reduce mistakes.

Reduced downtime
Experience faster recovery from SQL server failures.

Better performance
Our proven process helps avoid system downtime and failures, identifies performance issues, ensures adequate testing (load, conversion, users) and eliminates poorly performing code.

We've performed numerous upgrades so we know what can go wrong and how to solve any issues quickly.


Why Business Intelligence platform development?

  • Transforming complex data. We can help you create powerful data models that can be easily understood, analyzed, and consumed for your BI solutions.

  • Modernizing reporting. By delivering fully interactive Power BI reports, KPIs, and paginated reports from a single modern web portal, you’ll have complete transparency into your business.

  • Integrating mobile BI. For decision makers on the go, we can develop solutions to access KPIs and reports on any device using built-in mobile BI capabilities.

  • Enabling hybrid BI. Don’t be confined to your data center’s ability to deliver in the event of a disaster. We can help you connect to your on-premises data from the cloud.

  • Using a proven BI platform. Take advantage of scalability, access to secured data, and familiar tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services, Power BI, SharePoint, and more.

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Why adopt cloud solution?

Anywhere, Anytime, All the time

Gain the possibility to access your applications and data anywhere, at anytime, without any down-time.

Flexibility and Control

Pay for the resources and licences you need, exactly when you need them, add or remove on-demand to adapt to your actual business needs.

Best-in-class Security

Leading cloud-based solutions and applications are built with best-in-class security features, giving you the peace of mind you desire regarding your company's data.


​Why do I need System Audit & Security?


  • Prevent database hacking

  • Monitor the access of privileged and non privileged users

  • Provide real time alerts regarding abnormal access

  • Meet regulatory requirements

  • Provide complete database security

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